Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monster University – Another Dream Venture from Pixar Animation Studios

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Monster University Film – Another Dream Venture from Pixar Animation Studios

The world will witness another venture from Pixar Animation Studios this summer named as Monster University. Movie is prequel to 2001 release Monsters, Inc. Releasing on June 21, 2013, it is 3D Computer Animated Flick of comedy genre directed by Dan Scanlon.

Everyone is quite familiar with the name Pixar these days but the scenario was not identical in eighties when Pixar was in his preliminary state and struggling to withstand in that competitive era.  In 1986 it was started while the funding was done by Apple, Inc. co founder Steve Jobs which made him highest stake holder of Pixar. (Watch Monsters University Online)

Thus the journey for Pixar was started but it nearly took nearly a decade to produce an independent animated movie. With plenty of efforts, Pixar produced their first animated movie ‘Toy Story’ in 1995 which was highly appreciated in that times when animated movies were not so common. With their confidence level at peak, Pixar again launched an animated movie ‘A Bug’s Life’ in the year 1998 followed by ‘Toy Story 2’ in 1999 and ‘Monsters, Inc.’ in 2001. It was the time when Pixar never looked back and banged back with ‘Finding Nemo’ in 2003. ‘Finding Nemo’ joined 50 highest grossing movies ever club. ‘The Incredibles’ (2004), ‘Cars’ (2006), ‘Ratatouille’ (2007), ‘Wall-E’ (2007), ‘Up’ (2009) and ‘Toy Story 3” (2010) were next few remarkable projects from Pixar. Again ‘Toy 3’ was a big hit and grabbed more than $ 1 billion worldwide. ‘Cars 2’ was released in 2011 followed by ‘Brave’ in 2012. Though ‘Car 2’ was commercially a hit but not eulogized as compared to Pixar other ventures.

Now fans are waiting Pixar’s next venture ‘Monster University’ to be released in cinemas. Hope this movie will break all other previous records and bring laurels to Pixar Animation Studio once again.

Monsters University: A movie offering optimism through comedy

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Monsters University: A movie offering optimism through comedy

Pixar has been quite successful in blending animated features with human emotions resulting in establishing an impactful connection between character and viewer. Till date they have released 13 major movies and are on the path to release the next highly anticipated prequel to Monsters, Inc. titled Monsters University in June 2013. (
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Enriched with far-flung array of humor and optimistic insights the movie sounds to offer a relaxing and motivating experience for the viewers. 

Initially Dean Hardscrabble was to be a male but later the Dean was transformed into a female version. Although based on a deadly huge venomous creature, her elegance and reserved personality reduces her scariness a little.
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The working crew for the film ranged 260-270. While most of the cast is reprising their old roles from the previous sequel, Bonnie Hunt and John Ratzenberger are voicing different characters. Bonnie Hunt is voicing Mike’s grade school teacher, Ms. Karen Graves this time whereas she played Ms. Flint in the first movie. Similarly John Ratzenberger was seen playing the Abominable Snowman in last movie whereas is providing voice for Monsters, Inc. employee in the latest flick.

Director Scanlon provided the set designers with a list of movies from the 80’s to watch in order to create the minute classic paradigms of 80s colleges.

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Actor and comedian Billy Crystal offered his voice for Mike Wazowski in the movie. He was driven crazy when he had to talk like Mike for six months while working in Monsters, Inc. He considers his family to be the most important part of his life. Turned out to be grandparent, he is set to work in a new pilot named The Comedians for FX.  (Download Monsters University Movie)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monsters University: A prequel to Monsters, Inc.

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Monsters University: A prequel to Monsters, Inc.

Set for release on June 21, 2013 in USA, Monsters University is the prequel to 2001’s Monsters, Inc. It is the first prequel ever produced by Pixar. The film is a 3D computer-animated comedy directed by Dan Scanlon. Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Helen Mirren, Frank Oz, Steve Buscemi, Alfred Molina, Nathan Fillion and John Ratzenberger furnished the movie with their voices. (Watch Monsters University Online)

The Monsters, Inc. was released in November, 2001 and was nominated for four Oscars: Best Animated Feature Film, Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing and Best Original Song. Following the success of the movie, plans were made to prepare a second Monsters, Inc. film since 2005 but a series of events marked the delay in the making of the flick. Finally on May 29, 2011 it was affirmed that a prequel to the movie will be made under the title Monsters University. (Watch Monsters University Online Free)

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A fully functional website Monsters University was disclosed by Pixar on October 8, 2012 displaying admissions, academics and campus life along with a campus store to make MU merchandise available for purchase. Interestingly on April 1, 2013 the website was changed to present a rival college, Fear Tech, making the users feel as if the website was hacked. The colors were changed to orange and black and photos of the Fear Tech mascot, Archie were placed over the top of existing photos on the website. (Download Monsters University Movie)

Award-winning composer/songwriter Randy Newman is working for the seventh time in the Disney-Pixar films. He won Oscar Awards for his musical scores in Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story 3. He created a complete Alma Mater entitled “Monsters University” by involving renowned international drum corps The Blue Devils to add perfect collegiate sound and concert band music to represent the sense of being in school. (Monsters University Download)